Sunday brunch

From 17 september 2023

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Milan, Via Varese 4

Cactus Kitchen & Bar
– Milan, Via Varese 4 –
From 17 september 2023

Brunch in Milan

Starting from September 17th, we are happy to announce that our restaurant will open its doors again on Sundays, from 10:00 to 16:00, to offer you an extraordinary brunch!

During brunch, you will have the opportunity to choose between two appetizing options. You can opt for the complete formula, which includes a curated selection of our most loved dishes, or you can decide to explore the à la carte brunch, where you will have the freedom to personalize your gastronomic experience by choosing the dishes that most intrigue you.

It’s the perfect time to spend quality time with friends and family, enjoying culinary delights in a cozy atmosphere. We invite you to come and share these special days with us and book your table in advance to ensure a place in our welcoming culinary oasis. We look forward to serving you and being part of your unforgettable Sundays!

Brunch Milano Domenica
Cactus Brunch Milano
Cactus Brunch Milano Brera
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Brunch Milano
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