Casba fashion night

22 september 2023

Phone: +39 347 0544982
Milan, Via Varese 4

Cactus Kitchen & Bar
– Milan, Via Varese 4 –
22 september 2023

Cactus's Fashion Week

🌿👜🎶 Join Us for an Unforgettable Fashion Week Soiree! 🍹🌆

Get ready to be part of something truly special during Fashion Week! Cactus Milano and Casba are teaming up to invite you to a night of raw material reflections, drinks, meaningful conversations, music, and captivating installations.

🧐 Reflect Together: Delve into the importance of raw materials in art and fashion, sparking spontaneous conversations.

🥂 Raise a Glass: Sip on refreshing drinks as you mingle with fellow enthusiasts.

🎵 Groove to Good Music: Let the music elevate your evening.

🔍 Discover Casba’s Unique Installation: Immerse yourself in a very special art installation crafted by Casba, the innovative fashion brand.

Casba’s commitment to empowerment and sustainability shines through in their hyperbags made from sustainable materials. “COMFORTABLE. VERSATILE. INNOVATIVE.” – that’s their mantra.

This Fashion Week, celebrate style, sustainability, and innovation with Cactus Milano and Casba. Don’t miss out!

See you in Cactus! 🌟

We are waiting for you

Milan, Via Varese 4