Dinner and Music in Milan

Dinner with music in Milan, where the taste of culinary delicacies is combined with the enveloping notes of live music.

Dinner, music and magic in Milan

Combine the allure of haute cuisine with the enchantment of live music: our gourmet evenings in Milan are an unforgettable sensory experience. Allow yourself to be tempted by this culinary and musical experience.
Cenare con Musica a Capodanno

Aromas blend with musical notes

Our gourmet evenings in Milan represent an excellent synergy between gourmet cuisine and the world of music, offering participants a unique opportunity to delight the palate and immerse themselves in the engaging atmosphere of live music. In an elegant and refined setting, our guests can enjoy a selection of delicacies prepared by our talented chef while being carried away by the enveloping notes of music performed live.

From dishes to rhythms

It is an ideal opportunity to share special moments with friends and loved ones, celebrate important events or simply treat yourself to an unforgettable evening. Allow yourself to be tempted by this extraordinary culinary and musical experience that transforms a dinner into a true spectacle for the senses, bringing you closer to the beating heart of Milanese gastronomic culture.
Ristorante con Musica dal vivo

A dinner for all the senses

Experience dinner with music in Milan like never before. It combines culinary excellence with a passion for live music, creating a unique experience. Each dish becomes a symphony of flavors as music caresses the soul. A sensory journey that reveals itself with every bite and every note. Also ideal for events such as Valentine's Day.

Savor the music

If you dream of an out-of-the-ordinary dinner, immerse yourself in the magic of our culinary evenings with live music.
Dinner With Music
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