Business Lunch and Dinner in Milan

Make your business dinner or lunch unforgettable with culinary excellence in the heart of milan.

The perfect restaurant for a business dinner and lunch

Looking for the ideal place for a dinner or business lunch in Milan? We are pleased to welcome you to our exclusive restaurant. With a refined atmosphere and extraordinary dishes, Cactus Kitchen & Bar is the perfect choice to make your special occasion unforgettable.
Risotto al Topinambur

High Quality Business Dinner or Lunch

Your dinner or business lunch will be embellished with authentic flavours. We believe that food should be accompanied by an equally extraordinary atmosphere. Your evening will be elevated by high quality service, the comfort of our environments and the possibility of customizing the menu according to business needs.

Business dinner in the heart of Milan

Located in the vibrant Brera-Moscova district, we are at the center of the action, offering an unparalleled dining experience in an elegant and welcoming environment. Our chef, Alessio Sebastiani, prepares exceptional dishes to suit every preference, whether you want to enjoy a delicious dinner of fresh seafood, vegan and vegetarian dishes, or explore our seasonal menu. The use of fresh, high-quality ingredients and attention to detail will make your corporate dinner unforgettable.
Zena Aziendale Milano
Cena Aziendale in Lounge Bar Milano

The Perfect Location for a Business Dinner

After dinner, you will have the opportunity to move to our lounge, where you can continue the evening in a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. The lounge offers a wide selection of creative cocktails and a variety of comfortable spaces to converse or relax. It is the perfect place to end the evening informally, while continuing to enjoy the company of your colleagues or clients.

Lunch and Dinner at Cactus

Trust us to create a dining experience that your colleagues and clients will never forget. We are ready to host your business dinner and exceed all expectations.
Business Dinner & Lunch
If you are looking for a venue that can offer not only an exceptional business dinner, but also an equally special after-dinner experience, Cactus Kitchen & Bar is the ideal choice.