Cactus Milan

Cactus defines loyalty and durability, its green symbolizes fresh and eco-sustainable food, in line with the philosophy of our restaurant which offers fish-based, vegan, vegetarian options, and a delicious brunch.
Cactus Kitchen & Bar


Cactus is the Bio and Healthy restaurant that Milan has been waiting for. We offer a high-end dining experience. Whether you're a lover of fresh fish, delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes or if you want a healthy brunch to start the day off right, you'll find what's right for you.
Our dedication to a plastic-free lifestyle is reflected in our kitchen, where we prepare healthy, tasty and delicious dishes. Our primary goal is to help people discover, understand and appreciate food in an innovative way.
Ristorante Cactus Milano
green, fresh, innovative

the food idea

Taste, variety and flavor have often been the missing ingredients in the food that we call healthy. We are here to be the change. We are interested in the products we serve in the widest sense possible starting from the origin until the world in which they are grown and bred. We only rely on suppliers who share our philosophy which is to only purchase fresh and seasonal products free of fertilizers and pesticides, selected based on their benefits.
Ristorante Vegano e Pesce Milano
Alessio Sebastiani
Alessio Sebastiani

Executive Chef

For this challenge we entrusted the Chef Alessio Sebastiani. Over the years he has refined his culinary skills by working in high-end restaurants in Europe, England and the United States. His collaborations include pre-opening operations of restaurants and food outlets serving international, creative and fusion cuisine. We have identified him as the perfect profile that goes with our philosophy, where eco-friendly ingredients are at the core of it.
Eva Galimberti

the pastry

For the pastry line we relied on Eva Galimberti. Born in Sicily in an Italian-German context, and Milanese by adoption, Eva Galimberti nurtures a great passion for the world of fruit, for nature and its beauty. In her professional career she has had experiences in Sicilian pastry, international chocolate and haute cuisine.
Eva Galimberti
Mangiare Vegano e Vegetariano a Milano
A Healthier Planet

Healthy food

We offer a revolutionary dining experience that reveals how delicious healthy food can be. Our dishes are mainly based on fresh fish and seasonal vegetables, with a special mention for our delicious brunch. We hope that our cuisine inspires a healthier approach to eating, stimulating interest in where the food we eat comes from.

Cactus Milan

Cactus, a culinary oasis of freshness, a tribute to the health of the planet, where food becomes an eco-sustainable art.